CHEN LEI and ZHAO CHENXI "BALESIN" Same Day Edit Wedding Video by Derek Yee

Balesin Island. A bride's dream wedding destination. Why not? It is surrounded by pristine cool waters with stylish structures from 7 different cities in the world fitted in just one place. A magnificent sight for a satisfying experience. It is the paradise for Chen Lei and Zhao Chenxi's wedding ceremony. Set in a perfect spot by the beach, with floor petals and hanging pastel umbrellas covering the aisle, everything looked so chic and classy. Thanks to La Belle FĂȘte Weddings & Events who got their backs in the entire wedding preparation and conceptualized everything. I don't understand what Chen Lei and Zhao Chenxi were saying in their vows because it's in Mandarin. And to edit their Same Day Edit Video, I did what I have always been doing in all my SDEs. I didn't listen with my ears alone, I listen with my heart. It's the only way I can get through my couples' emotions. So every single moment, every single word that they utter, can be felt by whoever watched it. Days after, when a client helped me translate their vows in English, I just found out that the edit I did just fell right into place. That was the only time I understand their vows and they were really touching. With this experience, there's one thing that I proved to myself, my heart never failed me, ever! Watch this Same Day Edit Wedding Video and find out how emotional everyone has gotten while they were saying their vows. VIDEO: WWW.DEREKYEEVIDEO.COM PHOTO: J Lucas Reyes COORDINATOR: La Belle FĂȘte Weddings & Events Ycoy Gonzales-Sitchon Jeff Sitchon