ALMER and JAMIE Same Day Edit Wedding Video by Derek Yee

It was not the tick of time that was measured but the quality of how you've spent your every single moment together. Be inspired by how Almer and Jamie survived an LDR. Here's a snippet of their story... Fresh out of college, Almer and Jamie applied and worked in the same company. Intentional or not, only the best man, who happened to be their senior-in-charge, can answer, how and why, they were made partners in every out of town trips at work. (Almer would say that he has always been requested by Jamie to be her partner which she strongly denied.) Shortly, out of Jamie's irresistible charms, Almer fell in love and courted her. In 2008, Jamie had to leave for Miami and he had to pursue her from afar. At this time, he also embraced Jamie's faith, he was baptised and converted to INC. Being a persistent suitor, they officially became together as a couple in 2009. It was both their first relationship. In 2012, Almer moved to Canada. They met again in 2013 after 3 years of not seeing each other. Then in one of their winter walking tours in Quebec, in 2014, Almer finally proposed. Out of excitement, Jamie gave her right hand until she realized it has to be her left. If you can't get enough of their love story, watch their Same Day Edit Wedding Video and find out what happened next! Preps:Eastwood Richmonde Hotel Church: Iglesia ni Cristo Capitol, Commonwealth Venue: The Mango Farm Photo: RV Mitra Photography Video: www.derekyeevideo.com Coordinator: La Belle Fête Weddings & Events Makeup Artist: Gery Penaso Flowers: Amante Fleurs