ROMEO and TIN Same Day Edit Wedding Video by Derek Yee

They were both teachers in a different way. Let's see where their lessons ended up in this movie-inspired love story. Tin was a preschool teacher and an MA student in DLSU Taft while Meo was working as an instructor in a flying school in Paranaque when they met. They were both set up by Meo and Tin's friend. One day, while Tin was busy preparing her classroom in May of 2011, two men drenched in sweat came to school. One was the boyfriend of her colleague and the other was Meo. It was an ambush! She didn't know about that meeting. She was in a hurry then and she didn’t really want to talk to Meo. She didn't like being in the hot seat so she left school as fast as she could. Apparently, Meo still wanted to get to know her so he got her number from her colleague. They started texting and talking non-stop up until 3 am in the morning!! Their first date comprised spilled food, a broken necklace and tears from too much laughing- a total opposite from their first meeting. Meo asked Tin to be his girlfriend after only a month. He used his special weapon- his notes. Actually, they were more like small placards like the one they used in the movie, Love Actually. He gave her a few pieces of bond paper while they were in the car. She read each note until she reached the last one which says, “Will you be my girlfriend?” He reasoned out when she didn't say yes right away. But eventually, Tin did say yes. The past 6 years were comprised of busy and unpredictable flights, demanding post grad studies, toxic choir rehearsals, and a one-year long distance relationship that were overshadowed by their love and commitment to each other. On December 13, 2014, Meo took Tin to Pampanga to go on a helicopter ride. When the helicopter was about to land, Tin saw something near the hangar. (in her mind, there goes his love for notes again.. but this time its bigger..) There was a huge tarp that was held by aviation students that says, "Marry me?" They got out of the helicopter. Meo dropped on one knee then Tin said it. She said Yes.😊 Let's watch their Same Day Edit Wedding Video for this time there were no more Yes's but I Do's. Coordinator: Kate Espineli Photographer: Bryan Venancio of Bryan Venancio Photography Video: Derek Yee www.derekyeevideo.com Hair & Make-up: Romeo Enriquez Gown: Jamie Go Flowers: Amaranthus Flowers Host: Nadine M. Smith Preps/Venue:Acacia Hotel Church: St.James Parish Alabang