JASON and NICEY Same Day Edit Wedding Video by Derek Yee

Simple things that you do may mean greater things to others. Read this story. Jay, the groom, is my videographer friend based in Tacloban who had been affected by the typhoon Yolanda few years back. Everything that he worked for was swept away except for his pelican (with all his cameras inside) which he secured to save first. That was the last time I heard from him until I received a call a few months ago. He told me that he transferred to Pamapanga and recovered from all his losses and that he's now getting married. He just called to ask me if I can be his videographer which I gladly accepted. The wedding came, I get to see Jayson and I felt happy that he's doing good. I met his bride, Nicey for the first time, I can tell that her personality speaks perfectly for her name. During the reception, after the SDE was played, as Jayson was about to say his thank you message, he narrated how he'd been after the Yolanda incident and he mentioned my name... I was surprised. He said that he's thankful that I helped him in time of need. He said to himself when he gets married he wants me to be his videographer. He added that this wedding is a gathering and a celebration to say thank you to all the people who helped him during the lowest point of his life. I was touched by his message, I never realized that a little help can make a mark in someone's life. I am honored that the Same Day Edit Video that I made will be a memory of how God picked him up and showered him with all His blessings. Photo: Leysamfoto Club Video: www.derekyeevideo.com Derek Yee Gown: Concordio Sajorda Coord: Events and Concepts by Voltaire Zalamea Florist: Plumeria Flowers Royale Grand Palazzo Lewis Grand Hotel