CHAD and MARCHIE Same Day Edit Wedding Video by Derek Yee

Chad and Marchie Michellane first met when they became classmates in grade 4. In Grade 6, they began exchanging text messages until Chad started to court her at the age of 12. Since they were too young to be in a relationship she didn't accept Chad. A year passed, when she learned that Chad already has a girlfriend. She was so hurt, a kind of pain that she felt for the first time. It was only then when she realized that she's in love with Chad all along. So when Chad and his girlfriend broke up and he pursued her again, she immediately said yes even though she's still hesitant at that time to have a boyfriend. They officially became a couple at the age of 13. It's been 15 years since then, they're now 28 and married to the person they've known they wanted to be with 15 years ago. They only proved that being together for a long time isn't dull or boring. It's just how you make each moment meaningful and worthwhile. Watch their Same Day Edit Video and see how they enjoyed every part of their wedding. From Marchie's sexy poses during preps, to her door entrance til their first dance during reception...it was all fun! You can just see it right through their faces! Video: www.derekyeevideo.com Derek Yee Photo: Ian Santillan Coordinator: Getting Married Wedding Coordinators & Event Planners MUA: Lindsay Co-alog Gown: Mel Orlina Couture Host: Junby Carlos Preps: MarriottManila Church: Shrine of St. Therese Reception: The Tent, Enderun, Mckinley Hill Enderun Colleges