Joe and Julie Save the Date

Never thought that there's a place like this here in the Philippines. So I got excited when I found out that we're going to shoot in Fortune Island. We left Manila at 1 am, stopped over for a super early breakfast and been lost in some roads several times. I have no idea how we arrived because I was sleeping the whole time. We arrived in a resort at 6 am, if I heard it right it was owned by a Korean. Currently, the resort was just half finished. They started to do the makeup and I started setting up my drone which I will be flying for the first time. Then we brought our things to the boat and crossed the waves of the sea for almost an hour. When we arrived, the place is so nice, actually, breathtaking, you'll think that you've traveled to the ruins of Greece just by looking at the pillars. Though we experienced extreme heat, we just don't mind it because all we wanted was to get as much footage and artistic shots that we needed. I was grateful that our couple were so "game" that I never heard any complaints coming from them. I flew my drone in that thin chunk of that island with all the courage I can get from myself. It is only later, when we're on our way back to the docking area did I realize while I was looking back at the Fortune Island, how dangerous my flying had been. But it's all worth it, all our efforts were paid off when I saw the shots. Watch Julie and Joe's Save the Date. See what could've been and what might have been.... Video: Derek Yee Photo: Toto Villaruel MUA: Nybie Anne Marie Ng Stylist: Jem Nicdao