Jay and Jo SDE

Jo is one of our prettiest brides who loves beads, stones and crystals on her wedding day. Very evident on her exquisite long gown and by how her nails were designed which she spent four hours to create. She's truly a shining shimmering splendid on her wedding day. Until on her way to the church, she was stuck in traffic, so what she did, she gets out of the car and walk through her way to the UST Parish Church. This is one of the last things a bride would want to experience. But what we thought of a worse thing that can ruin the day made it even better. She had the most unforgettable and unusual wedding she aimed for from the start. See how everything turned out and how it spiced up Jay and Jo's wedding story! A Must-Watch Wedding Video! An SDE of Complete Package. Cinematic, Documentary-like Music Video, highlighted with aerials, slow mo's and split screens. Coordinator: Canaan Celebrations by Jets & Rhona Bridal Gown: Zandra Video: Derek Yee Video Photo: Bobby delos Santos MUA: Mickey See and Mariah Santos Sofitel - UST Parish Church - Century Grand Ballroom