Ian and Eunice Save the Date Video

It was a sunny day, though I heard in Manila it was raining very hard. The bright sun didn't give in to our request for a pouring rain to grace our video with rain shots. 5:30 pm on our way back to the hotel, while sailing on the waters in a small boat from the islands of Anawangin and Capones, the skies suddenly became dark and waves higher. Until an eerie feeling of cold air damped our faces. Heavy drops of water started to pour and hurt us like they were whip striking. Our cameras were okay in the water tight cases, however, our drone was not inside. We have to protect it from the heavy rain. We can't see anything...the fog perfectly resembled with darkness. Thunder and lightning were the only source of light and sound. We were terrified, it was the power of prayers that made us brave. It was the team's first time to encounter something like that. It might have scared me but it made me love my work more. This couple's intention of doing this prenup video is to inspire other couples who had no chance of being together in a relationship. Eunice is Ian's first love. They were still young then so he kept it a secret the whole time. Until Eunice have to go abroad and they separated ways.. They both came from ended relationships when destiny worked for them to be back in each other's arms again. Watch their Save the Date Video and be inspired as well... The rest of Ian and Eunice's story...wait 'til their wedding day.