Ronald and Ruth Same Day Edit Video

From the moment I met this couple I know that there's something good about them. Later did I find out that Ronald and Ruth along with their families do charity works to help the lame and the needy. Their parents have been doing this ever since they were kids and they grew up with this ideals. Now they are introducing and passing it down to their kins. We are planning to do a video about this in the future, when time permits, to give inspiration to people about the sense of fulfillment in giving and the joy of being a blessing to other people. I never expected that I got a Sarah Geronimo look alike bride until I saw how Ruth's face registered into the camera , they even have the same built and the same moves!On the other hand, Atty. Ronald was caught on camera, who at that moment can't contain his overpowering excitement and so to release it, he just shouted out loud! From there, I assumed that it was a fun-filled celebration because even I and the team, enjoyed the event. I never even realized that they got me drunk until I got home. So, go! Take a peek and watch the Same Day Edit Video of Atty. Ronald and Ruth. Coord: EVENTS EMBASSY WEDDINGS AND DEBUT COORDINATION Photo: Bryan Venancio Photography Video: Derek Yee Video MUA: Katchie Meijas Location: Angelfields Tagaytay - San Antonio de Padua