Jay and Zae Save the Date Video

We left early in the morning and we're headed to Montemar Beach Club, a membership resort in Bataan.

It's fun doing prenup videos because you've got to do two things that you love---Shoot and Have Fun!---- at the same time

When we arrived, we had lunch and started the cameras to work!

We're with their photographer, Bryan Venancio, who's a friend of mine back in college.

The place has several beautiful spots to shoot, there's a long road with huge trees and falling dried leaves, a golf course, a bridge and of the enticing beach---we didn't had the time to swim in the saltwater though---we enjoyed the water in the pool.

We were the only people in the place, it's quiet and peaceful.

Jay and Zae are not actors, it's their first time to be filmed and felt awkward in front of the camera at first.

But as we go along, they found out that they don't pay attention to the camera anymore.

They were just having fun, walking, playing, laughing and running around the beach!

No need to act because everything comes out naturally...

And there! we've got all the shots! 

Now, watch the result of our fun-filled, prenup shoot, you might want to have fun with us too!

Presenting...Jay and Zae Save the Date Video.