Jeff and Anne California Wedding

California, USA----where lots of people with different races and cultures mingle around...there were two Fil-Am souls who shared a particular fate, Jeff and Anne. Both born and raised in the US they got the same circle of friends but never realized that they're meant to be together. They met in 2009 in a Motorcycle meet. There was this sweet, cute, weird girl with contagious smile named Anne who's riding her Yamaha R6 and there's this tall guy with brown eyes named Jeff who really looks gorgeous when he smiles while riding his newly bought Honda CVR600. At that moment, they thought they've met previously and tried to figure out how. They texted the whole day but never found out since then. They're thinking maybe it's just God's way for them to have a strong connection. Now, they've got two kids and as of this moment, they are starting to write the story of their new journey to forever. Jeff and Anne came across Derek Yee Video back in 2014 when she found the Bridalbook's blog where we won the 2013's Bridal Book Best Candid Video. Anne contacted us to ask if she can fly us to California to do a Same Day Edit Video for their wedding. Fast forward, on October 27, 2015 we flew to San Francisco and met with some friends who helped us out our entire stay (You guys know who you are...Thank You once again!). We went to Golden Gate Bridge to get some aerial shots. Most people say that we were blessed because it is such a perfect day! Not foggy, not too cold, not too windy...the weather is all fair! After all the praying and the trembling of my hands I had successfully captured its beauty and got the exact shots that I wanted. Then, we we met Anne and Jeff,this was the first time we're going to meet them. We have been communicating only through emails from the start but it seems like we've been friends a long time. Maybe because we are not only talking about the wedding stuffs and work but we exchange stories of both our families and events in our lives. Then, we went to Half Moon Bay and asked Jeff and Anne to do some scenes for us to take some shots of a spectacular setting overlooking the Pacific Ocean. On November 8, the very special day arrived, we stayed at Extended Stay America Pleasanton while they were just right beside us in the Hyatt House where they will do the preparations. Jeff looked very dashing in his suit and Anne was just as pretty and sophisticated as her gown which was made by the one and only Von Lazaro, also from the Philippines. Their wedding ceremony and reception happened in two of the halls of Casa Real Ruby Hill which was situated in a vineyard in Pleasanton, California. The ceremony was so solemn and was attended by their closest friends and relatives. Their vows were touching, it speaks of how they got through all the good and worst things together and how they support each other no matter what. And then, there's partying! All the guests partied and drank wine, beer and cocktails from the bar. During that time, I was busy doing the Same Day Edit Video, it will be played onsite on the latter part of the reception. And it was finished. The Same Day Edit Wedding video will now be played. I am excited!Nervous?Well, mixed emotions, I don't know exactly what I'm feeling... It's as if it was my first time out of the so many Same Day Edits that I did in the past. And there! They love it! Jeff and Anne, were teary and laughing at the same time while watching. Their best men and bridesmaids approached their seat to watch with them in front..and their reactions were just heart melting.(You can watch their reactions in a separate video that I recorded.) When the video ended, Jeff and Anne with the whole entourage approached me and my team, hugging us tightly, congratulating us one by one and saying all those praises that they can say. It was such a heavenly experience. All our hard work paid off. Thank God.