Benedict and Prissie Same Day Edit Video by Derek Yee

In a short period of time that I spent with Benedict and Prissie... I see them as not that typical romantic, cheesy couples. They were just like "barkada" who makes fun of each other and do silly crazy things together. I am not used to see them differently today, crying... When the whole time they were like kicking their hearts out laughing! It is only now that I visualize them in another perspective. And one thing I've learned...the truest and deepest love can be expressed not by whispers and sweet nothings but how hardest you laugh and how happily you cry together. Coord: Kredin Saldua-Castillo Photo: RV Mitra Photography Video: www.derekyeevideo.com MUA: Toni Maris Rodriguez Couturier: Julz An